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10 x Dual 10mm SMD 2835 - SMD 5050 Single Colour Led Connectors Waterproof

Product Code: wholesale dual10mmcon

Full Description

For those who can't or don't like soldering a easy fix......

Unclip plastic connector, place one end of the led strip into the plastic holder + on led pcb to red wire & - on led pcb to black wire. Snap shut,

Unlike older connector their is no need to remove the waterproof PU coating, the led works by pearcing the copper pads on the reverse of the led pcb.

By using 2 connectors on 2 different strips allow's you to bridge gaps (may need additional wire to bridge the gaps) such as dishwashers on Kick Boards or Oven Hoods between cabinets. Or use a double connector to allow the led strip to turn 90 Deg..