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Pedalboard Pink 30cm LED Light Strip Lighting Pedaltrain Rockboard

In a time of effects rigs with ever-growing visibility on stage is a major concern for many players. The LED Light will put a stop to groping in the dark once and for all. This LED light has been specifically designed for use with pedalboards. Pedalboard Pink LED Light Strip Duo Guitar Effects Pedaltrain Rockboard Pink LED LIGHT STRIP 30cm/300mm in length can be cut down every 3 leds or every 5cm/50mm Power consumption: The 30cm strip take 200mA of power or ever 3 leds (5cm) takes 20ma Size of led strip 3xm (l) x 8mm (w) x 3mm (h) What Do You Receive: 1 x 30cm/ 300mm Self Adhesive Pink Led Light Strip with double sided tape, IP65 rated waterproof Terminated with a female 2.1mm jack socket wired so Centre is Negative can work of either - 9VDC or - 12VDC (just like a regular pedal!) Other lengths and colours can also be supplied just ask.
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