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12V Remote Control on/off Switch

Product Code: 12V REM SW

Full Description

12V-7A Remote Control on/off switch allowing you to turn on/off led outside light such as awning or steps, so when you arrive back after a night out, your lights can be activated without having to enter your Mobile Home, Carvan or Tent etc. You can use you remote to activate the switch up to 10M away, turning on your light and allowing you to see what you are doing.Kit come complete with switch and remote control low stanby power of around 5mA. Just Connect +/12V to input terminal as indicated, connect the -12V Black LED Lead also to -12V Input and connect +12V Red LED lead to output terminal marked K. When the remote control is activated the LED strip can turn on and off.Operating voltage: 9-15V DC Operating current: 8mA Working frequency : 433MHz Sensitivity: -95dB Max load : 7A Size: 44*37*20mm