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10M IR Remote Controlled Digital Magic Dream Chasing Flag Pole Digital Led Strip Light SMD5050 Plug & Play Set

Product Code: 10Digitalremotemains

Full Description

This Digital Flag Pole Remote control has over 300 setting. Comes in 10M  2 x 5M reel joined togther and programmed for 10M. IP67  both reels are within a Silicon sleevep, very high brightness low power consumption.

Note: The remote controller is now IR so others cannot change your settings from a distance.

Over 300+ Settings.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ybGpueG-q4&list=TLPQMDQwNTIwMjAQkbBsv0k2gQ&index=1

Making this ideal for flag poles, rather than usingj cable tie as these can cut into the led strip PCB in high winds, we recomend velcro cables ties, insulation tape of soft bungies.. Comes completes with Mains adaptor you may want to run an extension lead from hook up to flag pole as lead length is approx 1000mm.