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10M RGB 12V DC Set - Waterproof RF Remote Controller LED Strip Lighting Kit SMD 3528 - Ideal For Telescopic Flag Poles

Product Code: 12V 10MRGB3528

Full Description

Colour changing 3528 RGB 10M ( 2 x 5M connected together with connection wires all supplied) Led Stripe is IP67 rated which is Waterproof and rainproof the entire strips has IP67 rated silicon tube covering the pcb so is steam and splash proof.

Scure in place with cable ties, soft bungies or insulation tape taking care not to over tightne and damage the pcb.

Comes with 2M Cigarette plug to connect to 12VDC. Comes with new RF remote control no need to point at receiver as works off radio frequency

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjvTb1rdFSk

Unlike the larger 5050 colour changing led sets that we offer that have 3 leds within 1 led module. The 3528 RGB has seperate Red Green Blue leds all in a row over 5M, so you can make patterns of Red Green Blue. Comes with a RF remote control (radio frequency no need to aim at receiver) allowing the use to select colour/patterns and speed/brightness.

Want to work from mains, see our mains powered flag pole light sets.