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12V - 5M RF Remote Controlled Digital Magic Dream Chasing Flag Pole Led Strip Light SMD5050

Product Code: 12VDigRemote

Full Description

This Digital Flag Pole Remote control has over 300 functions. Led strip is inside a IP67 waterprood rainproof flexible tube

Very high brightness low power consumption.

Now comes with new RF Remote control so no longer do you have to point at the receiver

Comes with 2M Cigarett socket just connect tom12V Supply

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBRtEVkiXmw

Making this ideal for flag poles, just cable tie, or use insulation tape or soft bungie to your flag pole (Flag Pole Not Included) care not to over tighten cable ties as can damage the led pcb

You will amaze anyone around you with your lighting display

Want to work from Mains please see our mains flag pole sets.