120W LED D
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120W-12V led driver


150 Watt 12V Led Drivers/Transformer/Power Supply. This is enough suitable for up to 30 meters of the 3528, or up to 15 meter of the 2835 / 5050. This in-line led driver has terminal block for input and output, idea for connecting to a lighting/fused spur so as to switch the light on and off. Operating from a nominal 240Vac 50Hz via Screw Terminal Block converts AC to DC, supplying a fully regulated 12VDC @ 8.33A. NOTE: To power 3528/2835 you need 3 x seperate 10M runs, to power 5050 you need 3 x seperate 5M runs, as putting to many strip together will reduce the brightness from start to finish.

This LED Transformer / Driver is used to power low voltage (12v) LED bulbs and strip lighting.

Can power upto 5 x 5M 3528 or 2 x 5M 2835/5050.

LED bulbs require a constant current to work properly. Sometimes a normal 12v transformer will work correctly with LED bulbs, but in some cases the lifespan of the bulb will be reduced

This LED Driver is the perfect product to replace the 12v transformer which is currently powering your existing low voltage bulbs.

SKU 120W Led D
Power Consumption 120W
Input Power 240V
Size (mm) check with sales
Wattage 120W
Average Life in Hrs 40000
Voltage 12V
Dimmable (Option) No
Warranty 1 Year
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